Resume Template

Name ____________________
Address _____________________
City, State________________ zip _________
Telephone number (111)_____-______

To obtain an undergraduate degree in _____ (name of degree) at Name of University in hopes of pursuing a career as a _______(your goal career job).

(Spell out quantity of years) at Name of High School in City, STATE (year – _year).
Graduation date: ______ _______Current GPA ________. Class ranking if requested.

Extracurricular Activities
*Always use the school year(s), not the season. Dates differ from school district to school district.
2005 – 2008 JV Soccer. Role
2007 – 2008 Biology Club Member. Role or title. Function of club.

Leadership Roles
*Colleges are more interested in your growth and commitment, and not the quantity of roles and clubs you participate in.
2005 – 2006 Freshman Class Representative. Attend meetings weekly to participate in planning of school activities.
2006 – 2008 Student Council Secretary. Attend weekly meetings and take notes, make agendas for meetings and calendar all functions and events.

Education and Accomplishments
*Only include year(s) of honor roll, not semesters or quarters.
2005-2007 Honor Roll of 3.0 -3.49
2007-2008 High Honor Roll of 3.5-3.99

Volunteer Activities and Community Services
*Participation in one day events do not demonstrate enough dedication, unless the agency is nationally known (i.e. Special Olympics). Volunteer activities at school must be all year or traditional projects.
Aug – Dec 2002 Torii Station, Okinawa, Japan. Torii Beach Cleanup–
Environmental project required beach clean-up twice monthly.
Jan – May 2003 American Chamber of Commerce, Okinawa, Japan.
Chamber charity fundraiser for playground repairs and paintings.

*Include your company names, job role and job description.
Jun 2008 – present Ramstein DECA. Ramstein Air Force Base, Kaiserslautern, Germany. Commissary bagger. Maintain a part-time position as a bagger. As a bagger, I am required to bag, pack and load customer merchandise into personal vehicles.

References (3)
*May only use Junior and Senior course teachers for references, two references must be from teachers and one must be from your degree related subject. A reference letter from your coach, your mentor or your club sponsor, your boss, and even your minister is highly recommended. Telephone numbers of each is not needed.

c/o Name of High School
Mailing address of school
Email address of teacher

c/o Name of High School
Mailing address of school
Email address of coach

c/o Job or company name
Company address
Email address of boss/supervisor

Rules to remember for changes as needed:

  • You must convert all information from present tense to past tense after task listed is completed and at end of each academic year.
  • If you are in Career Practicum or a school related work program and receive a grade for your work, you are not a volunteer and your work experience must be identified as Career Practicum experience, to match your transcript.
  • After you graduate, update your years of high completion in education.
  • Always update contact information for references. References need to match the same names of the professionals who provided you with Letters of Recommendation.
  • Never request a Letter of Recommendation without attaching a resume to your Letter of Request. Your teachers, bosses, etc. do not know all of your accomplishments, activities and roles, and these accolades need to be addressed in your LOR letters.
  • Letters of Recommendations are a request, a professional favor, be mindful of this and accept “no” as graciously as you accept “yes”. Allow up to two weeks for a LOR to be written, do not wait until the last minute (your failure to prepare and plan is not someone else’s crisis).

Resume Template
1122 Boogie Woogie Avenue
Coconut Grove, PR 00934

To obtain an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice in hopes of pursuing a career with the federal government as a Drug Enforcement Agent.

Three years completed at Antilles High School, Funtown, PR (2011-2014).
Graduation date: June 2015. Current GPA 3.26.

Extracurricular Activities
2011-2012 JV Soccer, Antilles High School, Center position
2012-2014 Varsity Soccer, Antilles High School, Goalie
2011-2013 JROTC, Antilles High School, Color Guard
2014-present JROTC, Antilles High School, Captain
2011-2013 Advanced Band, Antilles High School, percussion
2012-present Biology Club Member, Antilles High School, participant
2014-present Project Graduation. Student Council member and organizer for
Students for Cultural Change community activity.

Education Awards and Accomplishments
2011-2013 Honor Roll of 3.0 -3.49
2013-present High Honor Roll of 3.5-3.99

Community Services
Oct 2012 Special Olympics volunteer. Greeter for track events at Fort Buchanan,
Oct 2013 Special Olympics volunteer. Escorted family members of participants to
events at Fort Buchanan,
Dec-2013 Kadena Elementary School Fall Festival. Supervised children’s activities for weekend festival and worked at food concession stand.
2014-present Class of 2015, Antilles High School, Fort Buchanan. Project Graduation.
Participate in fundraising activities to raise money for graduation fees.

May 2013 – Aug 2014 Cal Orient Trading Company. San Juan, PR. Inventory Clerk.
Held a part-time summer job accounting for shipments received in warehouse. Worked 30 hours weekly during summer break, for eight weeks.

Jun 2014 – present DECA. San Juan Air Force Base, PR. Commissary bagger. Maintain a part-time position as a bagger. As a bagger, I am required to pack and load customer merchandise into personal vehicles.

References (3)
Ms. Mary Little-Lamb
c/o Antilles High School
1062 Army Road
Fort Buchanan, PR 00934
Tel 787-111-2121

Mr. Robert Funguy
c/o DECA – Base Commissary
345 Grocer Avenue
San Juan, PR 00945
Tel 611-111-2121

Mrs. Sarah Movingout
c/o College Bound Church
1324 Positive Thoughts Street
Success, PR 05166
Tel 611-111-2121